The Turbostart hydrodynamic coupling is a component of primary importance for the modern industrial transmission because it is different by the electric and electronic starting systems, and it offers the following advantages:

  • permits to istantly have a considerable part of the torque that the asyncronous electric motor threephase with direct starting, supplyes at start. At starting, the hydrodynamic coupling, limits the nominal torque of the motor by 120 to 200%.
  • protects the motor by the sudden overload.
  • not needs specialized assistance, it requires a periodic oil check only.
  • permits gradual starting of the driven machine which starts or restarts underload wìth dimensioned motor for the requested power at continuous running, therefore it is not necessary the motor is overdimensioned.
  • reduces peak current during starting.
  • permits smaller motor sizes according to the power demand of the driven machine.


At start-up the Jolly hydromechanic coupling acts with the same characteristics and the same advantages of the Turbostart hydrodynamic coupling (above mentioned), besides, it guarantees 100% efficiency of the driven machine and it offers furthermore the listed advantages:

  • energy saving by reducing initial starting current.
  • transmits the required power by the machine without slip and it guaratees 100% efficiency if the load changes too.
  • permits to not use the partial draining device at start-up of high inertia or for high speedmotor.
  • no wear and fatigue on machanical lock-up device.
  • soft start and damping of shock loads.