New Turbostart s.r.l. was born in 1958, its corporate purpose is the production and sale of mechanical and hydraulic drives; the company has always been renowned for their new products reliability and professional service offered to clientele.
It is a compact structure, efficient and always ready to solve the most varied problems of customers, succeding in realizing even personalized products, guaranteeing, at the same time, rapidity and prompt delivery. Over the years, it has always followed quality objectives, officially recognized on several occasions all over the world.

New Turbostart is in continual development, both in Italy and abroad (all continents) where it sells hydrodynamic and hydromechanic couplings without slip at continuous running and 100% yield, couplings in cast iron for mines applications for powers ranging from 0,37 to 2.200 Kw, both for in line and pulley assembly, and also disk brake, drum brake, and all metal flexible couplings.

The administration and commercial offices are placed in Milan – Segrate, while production factory is located in Borgo Ticino – Novara, which is owned by New Turbostart and it covers 7.000 sq.m.

The factory is equipped with numerically controlled operating machines; processing of all particulars are carried out inside, as well as assembly and testing, whereas castings are made by skilled foundries in primary aluminium alloy.

New Turbostart is certified, according to UNI EN ISO 9001 – 2000 regulation, and it can supplies couplings in according ATEX.

As far as quality is concerned, from a purely technical point of view, the concept is associated whereby “quality” also means:
· Understand customers needs in order to supply suitable products
· Realize new products and improve existing ones
· Arrange modifies on customers request
· Carry out deliveries in short terms